Information And Communication Technology (ICT)

Technostream and through years of experience is always updated with the latest advancements in the ICT industry. Employing highly qualified professionals and constantly trained staff, Technostream can design, supply, and commission state-of-the-art communication systems as well as provide Maintenance services and upgrade existing ICT systems.
The increasing demand for higher bandwidths is driving the ICT industry for continuous improvements. With the immerging use of unified communication in every business and organization, information and communication technology is an integral part of the modern infrastructure.

Data/Voice Network

A Data and Voice Network is an electronic communications infrastructure that allows the transmission of information from one place to another inside a facility and worldwide using the World Wide Web. Now and as every control system is moving to IP, the Data and Voice network is serving as the communication infrastructure for Data, voice, Security, Safety, Educational, Entertainment, and many other systems. The Data and voice system became an integral part of any newly built facility.


A Business Telephone System is a private exchange installed for a private business. It serves the purpose of voice communication within the organization and provides a gateway to the main telephone system. Advanced systems are IP based use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information. They provide the ability of video calls, voice messaging, call forwarding, and many other options.
TECHNOSTREAM FZCO can also provide Voice and video conferencing solutions as part of the unified communication system.

Structured Cabling System (SCS)

The SCS System is the passive infrastructure of the network. It is the physical cabling distribution network that connects all the components of the network. As the concept of centralized communication is getting applied more and more every day most ELV systems are now dependent on the SCS system for internal and external communication and integration.
In Residential Projects, the service providers will not allow the owner to run his services over their network. Thus if required a private network should be installed to run the services provided by the owner such as CCTV, ACS, PA, PMS, and others.
The public network or the network dedicated to the service provider should comply with the guidelines of the service provider.

Wireless Networks

The Wireless Network is the expansion of the wired network through wireless signals. The Demand for wireless coverage is growing day after day, as we are more dependent on our mobile devices. The Wireless network has different uses and modes, starting from the data and voice exchange to the different security applications through Tetra and duct phones.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

The DAS is used inside the building to extend the coverage of mobile telephone services. The DAS can be used to service multi-service providers over the same infrastructure. It can also accommodate the wireless signals of WiFi and Tetra.