The Sustainable City Project in Dubai Land

The Sustainable City Project in Dubai is a groundbreaking initiative that sets a new standard for luxury housing by integrating sustainable practices and showcasing the harmony between modern comfort and environmental responsibility. We are proud to have been awarded a significant contract for this prestigious project.   The Sustainable City in Dubai is widely recognized […]

Dubai Municipality Project Handed Over

We have successfully completed a major security surveillance project for Dubai Municipality. The project was recently handed over, marking a significant milestone in our partnership with Dubai Municipality. To express our gratitude and acknowledge the dedicated efforts of all those involved, we organized a special event at Dubai Municipality Assets Management Department- Abu Hail. The […]

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Technostream’s Approval as ANPR Supplier by Dubai Police   Technostream has achieved a significant milestone by being approved as an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) supplier by Dubai Police – Department of Protective Systems (DPS). This approval validates our expertise in providing advanced security solutions and reinforces our commitment to delivering high-performance systems.   Our […]