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Comprehensive Solutions

Labor Camp Solutions

Labor camps face a spectrum of challenges including security threats, facility mismanagement, and tenant behavior issues, causing resource drain. Our integrated solution tackles these concerns by incorporating security equipment like CCTV and Access Control. This approach not only mitigates these challenges but also streamlines utility automation, simplifies administration, and ensures efficient workforce deployment, effectively reducing unnecessary costs and efforts.

This comprehensive security system not only ensures proactive and reactive security measures like CCTV-ACS integration and ACS APB scenarios but also significantly enhances labor camp management, thereby improving the overall living conditions of laborers. Our user-friendly interface automates the housing of new tenants, optimizes space allocation through dashboards, and even automates contract-based laundry and meal preferences, contributing to a sustainable reduction in food waste. This combined approach not only optimizes flow management but also effectively addresses the prevalent housing challenges in labor camps.

Guest Room Management System

Experience seamless hotel room automation with our sophisticated Guest Room Management System (GRMS). This system forms the foundation of room automation, overseeing various functions to elevate the guest experience.
Innovative Functionality

Our GRMS handles an array of functions including lighting management (ON/OFF or dimming), curtain and shutter control, HVAC system adjustments, creation of ambiance and comfort scenes, and management of guest services like “”Do Not Disturb”” (DND) or “”Make Up Room”” (MUR). Furthermore, it monitors guest presence, interfaces with third-party systems like supervisors, access controls, PMS, smartphones/tablets, TVs, and more.
Our GRMS introduces unprecedented automation and convenience to the hospitality industry.