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Information & Communication Technology

Data Voice Network

A Data Voice Network is a crucial communication infrastructure that enables seamless information transmission within a facility and globally. We specialize in designing, implementing, and maintaining reliable and future-ready network solutions tailored to your specific needs.


A Business Telephone System is a vital communication tool for private businesses, facilitating internal voice communication and serving as a gateway to the main telephone system. We offer advanced IP-based systems that optimize voice, fax, and data exchange. Our solutions include video calls, messaging, call forwarding, and comprehensive Voice and Video Conferencing.

Intercom System

An Intercom System is a reliable communication solution that allows internal voice or video communication within a facility. It serves as a link between resident units and entry points, ensuring secure and convenient access.

Our Intercom Systems provide seamless communication and enhanced security for your premises. Integrated with our Access Control System, our solutions offer a comprehensive approach to access management.

Structured Cabling System

The Structured Cabling System (SCS) forms the foundation of a network, seamlessly connecting various components. We offer comprehensive solutions for any SCS needs. Our expert team specializes in designing and installing reliable cabling infrastructure that supports centralized communication and integrates ELV systems. In residential projects, we provide private network installations to accommodate owner-provided services such as CCTV, ACS, PA, PMS, and more. Our solutions adhere to service provider guidelines, ensuring optimal connectivity and a robust network infrastructure tailored to any requirements.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Network solutions offer flexible and reliable connectivity beyond traditional wired networks. Our Wireless Network services cater to various applications, from data and voice exchange to advanced security systems like Tetra and duct phones. We design and deploy wireless networks that ensure seamless connectivity and efficient communication across any premises.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions are designed to enhance mobile telephone coverage within buildings. With DAS, you can extend coverage and support multiple service providers using a shared infrastructure. Additionally, DAS can accommodate wireless signals for WiFi and Tetra systems. At Technostream, we specialize in deploying advanced DAS solutions that ensure seamless connectivity and improved signal strength throughout your facility.

Nurse Calling System

Elevate patient care through our Nurse Call System. This comprehensive clinical communication, workflow, reporting, and alerting system bridges the communication gap between patients, nurses, and interdependent care delivery departments.

Our Nurse Call System enhances healthcare communication by facilitating seamless interaction between patients and caregivers. This solution optimizes workflow, generates detailed reports, and triggers timely alerts, ensuring efficient care coordination across various departments. We redefine healthcare communication for a more integrated and patient-centric approach.