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Security Systems


(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a technology that we have successfully developed, allowing for highly accurate recognition of colored Arabic and English number plates. With our ANPR solution, we provide essential details such as origin, emirate, and car classification, catering to various facilities like malls, hotels, petrol stations, residential compounds, and public parking lots. Our goal is to deliver dynamic solutions that meet customer expectations, leveraging the latest technologies. We support seamless integrations, cloud integration, virtualization, and have readiness for AI, IoT, and machine learning extensions.

Video Surveillance Systems (IP/Analog)

A video surveillance system is a powerful tool that uses cameras to monitor and record activities in various locations. It is commonly used in banks, airports, military installations, and convenience stores to enhance security and monitor critical areas. We specialize in providing advanced Video Surveillance Systems that offer reliable monitoring and high-quality video coverage. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique security needs of each business, ensuring comprehensive surveillance and protection. With our video surveillance services, you can benefit from features such as motion detection and email alerts, allowing you to stay informed about any suspicious activities.

Access Control Systems

Accesss Control Systems are a crucial component of ensuring the security and restricted access to valuable resources, locations, and facilities. These systems empower authorized personnel or specific groups to gain entry based on their assigned roles and permissions, effectively controlling who can reach and utilize these assets.

We offer advanced Access Control Systems that provide comprehensive control over both pedestrian and vehicle access. Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with various identification technologies, adding an extra layer of security before granting access.

The significance of an access control system becomes paramount when safeguarding important, confidential, and sensitive information, as well as valuable property. By implementing our access control solutions, you can effectively protect your assets, maintain privacy, and ensure that only authorized individuals have access.

Intrusion Alarm System

The Intrusion Alarm System is an essential security solution that detects unauthorized access and intrusions. Equipped with motion sensors, door sensors, and glass break detectors, it triggers alarms when suspicious activity is detected.

By integrating our Intrusion Alarm Systems with our Access Control System, we offer a seamless security solution that combines access management and intrusion detection. This comprehensive approach ensures the highest level of security for your facility.

Asset and Personal
Tracking Systems

Asset and Personal Tracking Systems utilize RFID or WiFi technology to monitor and track items or individuals with small attached tags. These systems enable real-time location tracking, enhancing asset management and staff monitoring, especially in hospitals and security-sensitive areas. Our customized systems are designed to meet your specific requirements, providing real-time management capabilities to optimize logistics and enhance operational efficiency.

Parking Management System (PMS)

Experience a new dimension of parking efficiency with our advanced Parking Management System (PMS). Designed to revolutionize parking resource utilization, our PMS serves both Registered Users and Visitors/Temporary Users.
Innovative Integration

Transcending traditional approaches, our PMS seamlessly integrates components like gate barriers, real-time guidance, paid parking systems, ANPR, and RFID technology. Our Parking Management System is not just about parking optimization; it’s about enhancing the way people interact with parking facilities. Elevate your parking management to a higher level of convenience and innovation with us.

X-ray Screening and Metal Detectors

X-ray Screening and Metal Detectors are essential tools for strengthening security measures at the entrances of hotels, institutes and airports. We offer reliable X-ray screening equipment and highly sensitive metal detectors that effectively detect potential threats. By implementing these systems, you can enhance security and mitigate risks, ensuring the safety of your premises and individuals within.